ACCA’s 27th Annual General Meeting (with Election) on 13th July 2023

ACCA’s 3rd Management Committee Meeting 2021-2023

ACCA Joined Souhteast Asia Country Day and Visit Supplier 12-13 July 2023, China

1st Thai CPA Committee Meeting and Economic Outlook 2024

ACCA 8th Webinar Innovations Digital Printing and Total Packaging Solution (14 July 2022)

ACCA 7th Webinar Material Innovation In The Paper Packaging Industry (20 April 2022)

ACCA 6th Webinar Paper Supply Market for Packaging Industry (12 January 2022)

ACCA 5th Webinar E-Commerce Corrugated Packaging (20 October 2021)

ACCA 3rd Webinar Manufacturing Systems of The Packaging Industry (04 March 2021)

ACCA 2nd Webinar Ecommerce Trend & How Packaging Can Support Your Strategy (17 December 2020)

ACCA 1st Webinar Outlook of Corrugated Industry After Covid (22 October 2020)

Webinar ACCA – 14 August 2020

ACCA Virtual Meeting – July 2020

ACCA’S 4TH Management Committee Meeting (2017 – 2019) at Shanghai – China

ACCA’S Meeting 2018 at Double Tree HILTON – BANGKOK

ACCA’S Meeting April 2018 at Dongguan – China

Minutes of The ACCA’s 1st Management Committee Meeting (2017 – 2019)

ACCA’S 19th Annual General & 2nd Management Committee Meeting (2015-2017)

ACCA’s 19th Annual General Meeting – 1st Management Committee Meeting (2015-2017)

ACCA’s 4th Management Committe Meeting (2013-2015)

ACCA’s 4th Management Committee Meeting to  be held alongside SinoCorrugated 2015

ACCA’s 2nd Management Committee Meeting

MACCMA Dinner 2013

ACCA Meeting – CBMA 2013

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