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Ink For High Speed Printing Doctor Blade Basic Sada Group – Innovation In Corrugated Process Innovation Box for Fresh Fruit Supermarket Of The Future by Coop, at Expo Milan 2015 Thinking Inside The Box Saving Quality Vs. Preventing Waste How The Internet Change The World Control The Washboard Effect VISY BOARD – VPAC Bumper Corrugated Container MEADWESTVACO PACKAGING SYSTEMS – Be...[Read More]

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ACCA 8th Webinar Innovations Digital Printing and Total Packaging Solution (14 July 2022) ACCA 7th Webinar Material Innovation In The Paper Packaging Industry (20 April 2022) ACCA 6th Webinar Paper Supply Market for Packaging Industry (12 January 2022) ACCA 5th Webinar E-Commerce Corrugated Packaging (20 October 2021) ACCA 3rd Webinar Manufacturing Systems of The Packaging Industry (04 March 2021)...[Read More]


The Committee   ACCA Past Presidents ACCA MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MEMBERS LIST Post 11th Term (Elected On 25/09/17) Year 2017-2019 ACCA Member Representative    President Hexing/CPF, China Mr Xu Xiaoguang    1st Vice President MACCMA, Malaysia Mr Michael Lim    2nd Vice President CBMA, Singapore Mr Phua Thye Hin    Hon. Secretary TCG, Thailand Mrs. Varna Sudasna    Hon. Treasurer CTCCA, Chinese ...[Read More]

History of ACCA

The idea of forming a cross-countries/regions Association for corrugated papers/cases industries was advocated by Mr. Philip Wong, President of CBMA/Singapore in 1993. With his enthuasiasm and great effort, he had successfully invited Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore as the Founder members, together with 3 supplier companies as the Associate members for f...[Read More]

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Digital Printing for Sutherland Packaging Digital Printing, Cutting & Creasing for Boxes Chine to become World’s Largest Retail Market by 2018 Delta Flute Parksons Packaging Licenses Billerud High Speed Digital Printing for Corrugated DAJK – Indonesian Corrugated Profile Corrugated Market Indonesia Corrugated Market Retail Packaging Retail Ready packaging Global corrugated box dema...[Read More]


ACCA World Magazine, 2011 Edition ACCA World Magazine, January 2011 Edition ( New ) page 1-11 (3,1 MB) view download page 12-22 (3,5 MB) view download page 23-32 (2,7 MB) view download ACCA World Magazine, 2009 Edition ACCA World Magazine, November 2009 Edition page 1-20 (4,2 MB) view download page 21-40 (2,8 MB) view download ACCA World Magazine, March 2009 Edition page 1-44 (4 MB) view download ...[Read More]

The Market Trends

We have to cut down our costs regardless of paper price increase. We have got to deliver on time. We have got to be always amenable, friendly and another one which is not so urgent but which is coming soon. We have got to think of the safety. We have the responsibility to make sure our product safe for the community to use. So all these are the difficulties for us but now there is an opportunity a...[Read More]

Corrugated Industry – Today

The expectations for us are to do better job. Our quality is still very high. The customer still wants us to do better and better. Also better service. One issue is JIT, Just In Time. It started with Japanese. Now customer still expects the impossible I order today. You deliver yesterday!! There is another issue ? Safety. For example, recently one of the Japanese toys ? was exported to United Stat...[Read More]

Corrugated Packaging Industry In Asian Countries

It is one of the biggest packaging industries. As far as packaging, everybody knows that there are 6 or 7 categories ? glass, metal, flexible, paper, plastic, etc., and then the corrugated worldwide has been growing 3% to 4% per annum. In majority of the South East Asian countries, the corrugated industry started only after Second World War, when there was demand in the market especially for expor...[Read More]

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