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ACCA’s 5th Annual General Meeting – 1st Management Committee Meeting (2015-2017) ACCA’s 4th Management Committe Meeting (2013-2015) ACCA’s 2nd Management Committee Meeting MACCMA Dinner 2013 ACCA Meeting – CBMA 2013

ACCA Member List

ORDINARY MEMBERS: COUNTRY MEMBER NAME OFFICE BEARER(S) CONTACT PERSON CHINA China Packaging Federation (CPF) Zhang Yaoquan (CPF, Vice Chairman) Tel : (86)13325719333 – Email : Zhang Yu (Ms) – On finanicial matter ( Tel: (8610)65838785; HONG KONG Hong Kong Corrugated Paper Manufacturers’ Association Ltd (HKCPMA) ...[Read More]

History of ACCA 1

History of ACCA The idea of forming a cross-countries/regions Association for corrugated papers/cases industries was advocated by Mr. Philip Wong, President of CBMA/Singapore in 1993. With his enthuasiasm and great effort, he had successfully invited Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore as the Founder members, together with 3 supplier companies as the Associa...[Read More]

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