Converting Process

  1. Flexo Printing
  2. Slotting / Die Cutting (Rotary & Flat Bed)
  3. Folding, Gluing / Stitching
  4. Bundling

1. Flexo Printing

  • Printing can be made with Top or Bottom Printing
  • Printing Plate could be rubber or Photopolymer
  • Printing unit depend on the needs, from 2 to 6 colors

Flexo Printing Process

Conventional Flexo Printing

Conventional Flexo Printing

Modern Flexo Printing

Modern Flexo Printing

Most of simple job using only 2 solid colors, but for the high quality printing they have used up to 6 colors – though it is rare in this region.

Printing Machine

Most of the printing machine always combine with Slotter to make RSC Boxes (Regular Slotted Container).

Printing Machine

Printer Slotter with Folder Gluer

  • Prefeeder
  • Printing Unit
  • Creaser/Slotter
  • Delivery/Stacker

Corrugated Box

Kerangka Box

2. Folder Gluer

  • Inline wuth Flexo Printer Slotter
  • Offline
  • Topfold & Bottomfold

3. Diecutting

Die cut is used for Wrap around boxes, There are 2 kind of die cutting machine :

  • Rotary
  • Flat Bed

Rotary Die Cutter

Rotary Die Cutter Operation

More accurate, higher investment but cheaper die.

4. Bundling

Tying the box either from folder gluer / diecutter.

Semi Automatic

Bundling - Semi Automatic

Full Automatic Strapping (With Squaring)

Bundling - Full Automatic

Bundling - Full Automatic 2

Automatic Stacking and Bundling

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