E-Corrugated : Online Corrugated Product Platform Launches

With the prevalent use of the internet in all aspects of business today, e-commerce has become an important marketing tool for packaging and printing companies. As the key e-commerce platform in the corrugated industry, E-Corrugated, an affiliate of the official website of the SinoCorrugated show (www.sino-corrugated.com) was launched in September 2009.

The majority of the packaging and printing industry has entered the age of electronic commerce. In fact, a recent survey by the UK’s Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) revealed that :

  • 75% of the world’s packaging companies have an online presence
  • 33% of the world’s packaging companies accept orders online
  • 85% of Southeast Asian packaging companies use computers to source information and track data

E-Corrugated is a 365-day online business platform tailor-made for the global corrugated carton manufacturing industry. It is a cost effective way for suppliers to enhance brand awareness, penetrate new markets and increase sales revenue with no geographic and time boundaries. It gives the suppliers easy access to buyers, a limitless global reach and guaranteed, uninterrupted year-round activity.

In this electronic age, commerce is an area which is reaping the full benefits of online functionality. Figures show that, already this century, 25% of internet users use the web to source products. E-Corrugated ensures that the corrugated industry is not left behind as it paves the way in e-commerce development for the global corrugated industry.

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