FEFCO Standard (E-version)

The FEFCO codes, prepared in collaboration with ESBO (The European Solid Board Organisation), is a database containing a methodical presentation of all existing box design styles, with a code number assigned to each design. As a reference document, the code is used world-wide and it has been adopted by the United Nations. Until now these codes used to be published in a booklet containing the 2 dimensional drawings of the box designs. FEFCO is now launching an electronic 3D version containing not only the drawings of the boxes, folded and unfolded, but also an animation of the folding sequence.

Training Course

Link to the booklet as it used to be printed :


Training Course

  • Innovative box design
  • Corrugated box production process
  • Quality control of corrugated boxes
  • Solutions to board defects
  • How to raise diecutting precision
  • Cost control solutions for box production
  • Application of rotary diecutting techniques
  • How to boost employees’ productivity
  • How to improve printing quality
  • Other

Technical Speeches

  • Extended application of corrugated packaging
  • Survival strategies of SMEs
  • Paper Price Crisis
  • Current status and future development of corrugated display shelf market
  • Fresh – keeping corrugated board and box
  • Constitution and control of box production cost
  • Global trend of box development
  • Other

Corrugating Trouble-shooting Solutions

Description: Senior experts with years of experience in the industry are invited to give corrugating trouble-shooting solutions in this Q&A session on site of the show.

New Profit Opportunity for Corrugated Packaging¡ª¡ªCorrugated Innovation Display

Description: The latest developed material, product, technology and application of corrugated packaging, showing and enlightening you on new profit opportunities.

Overseas Box Design Show

Description : Pictures showing innovative overseas box design to stimulate international exchange and design inspirations.

Screen shot of the new electronic tool containing all the box designs: