Hungarian Corrugated Industry

The corrugated industry in Hungary , starting with the very difficult transition to a market economy ten years ago. Since then Hungary has succeeded in adapting to the requirements of the European market and continues to progress, with a growth rate superior to the European average. It is clear that the corrugated industry is benefiting from this tendency, which is largely export-orientated.

Besides the difficulties that the whole European corrugated industry faces today, like the cyclical nature of raw material prices, the growing pressure of European legislation on our national regulations or the threat of competitive packaging materials, Hungary has to face some additional challenges. The liberalisation of imports is very hard to manage with remaining export burdens and growing labour costs and taxes.

Eastern European countries are very bright prospects for the Hungarian corrugated industry. This trend is strengthened by the fact that the current consumption of corrugated is very weak (four times less than in western Europe), so its potential growth is quite high (about 5,5%/per yea r).