Korea Market

During the last decade Korea corrugated has a rapid growth following it rapid industrialization. The quality is increasing to overcome the need of their export packaging. Except during 1998 it drop about 10% but has rebound immediately the following year. And continue to grow until now.

There are about 30 paper mills in Korea and it product sufficient for the need for its domestic product of 3.1 million tons and exported another 452.000 tones while import only about 275.000 tones. This total corrugated production of 3.1 million produced by 140 corrugated box plants and 600 sheets plants. Korea has some very modern corrugated machinery. BHS corrugated has installed 4 machines in the last 3 years, while Agnati has installed 2 of their brand new high technology as well.

This year Korea Corrugated Industry expected to grow about 3% to Dr Yong Min Cho of KCCA. Even though at present double wall represent 55% of the total production, but the single wall is growing about 5% per year. And the price in 2003 has increase about 20% due to the increase of paper price.

Korea only make single and double wall, while triple wall still imported from Japan . But Korea also exports about 10% of its corrugated boxes to China , Hong Kong and Thailand . These import boxes mostly use for pack fruit, pork meat as well as for the electronic products.

The growth of corrugated industry in Korea is mainly boost by their agricultural demand (mainly cabbage for Kim chi, melons, apples, orange and grapes). However, electronic also play important part in the growth as Korea electronic nowadays is growing so well, especially in Asia.