The Marketing Power of Graphics On Corrugated

According to research at present a shopper is bombarded with over 300 visuals a minute as he strides past the shelves. Three elements can directly influence the buying decision.

  • The design of the packaging has to call out to the shopper, to reassure him or create the association with a pleasant memory or a positive idea.
  • The type style used for wording – how the brand name is conveyed in a type becoming a recognisable entity – creates a feeling for what the product promises to do.
  • The chosen colours are very important, since colour creates a mood. So it has to be consistent with the consumers expectations of the product as well as the target : women prefer soft colours, children lively and men dark colours.

The corrugated industry should be more interested in retailer needs and propose more adapted solutions, to sell successfully more products in corrugated. If corrugated packaging only represented one percent of the sale inWal-Mart stores , that would be about 1.8 million tons of corrugated boxed products in their stores annually.

Dennis Woodall, International Paper (United States)

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