China Corrugated Industry

In the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong markets, the output of corrugated boxes has been particularly high in response to rising demand in industries such as food, beverage, electronic devices and toys. China ‘s economy has been rapidly increasing and is expected to keep the growth for at least 3 years.

China ‘s production volume of carton was about 8 billion square meters in 1996 , only half of that in Japan . While now, China ‘s production volume of carton reached 15.8 billion square meters , surpassing Japan and became the second largest corrugated manufacture center in the world following the USA.

Asia has the fastest increase of corrugated manufacture, compared to any other part of the world, surpassing Europe in 1995 and became the second largest corrugated manufacturing center following North America . The average increasing rate is 3.9% from 1995 to 2002, 1.5% higher than that of the world.

Note: all the above data are from China Packaging Technology Association

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