The Committee

Mr Low Sheong Boon (President)
Mr Jakjit Klomsing (1st Vice President)
Mr Larry Szeto (2nd Vice President)

ACCA Past Presidents


Elected Post

14th Term (Elected On 13/07/23)
Year 2023-2025
ACCA Member Representative
   President MACCMA, Malaysia Mr Low Sheong Boon
   1st Vice President TCG, Thailand Mr Jakjit Klomsing
   2nd Vice President HKCPMA, Hong Kong Mr Larry Szeto
   Hon. Secretary AKKGI, Indonesia Mr Charlix Lie
   Hon. Treasurer CBMA, Singapore Mr Lau Chee Peng
Committee Member CTCCA, Chinese Taipei Mr Hsiao Chi Ho
Committee Member CPF-Hexing, China Mr Xu Xiaoguang


Founder President (Appointed–Life) Mr Philip Wong
Emeritus Advisor Mr Stanley Koo Chau Ming
Director,Appointed CPF Mr Edward Ju
Director,Appointed Reed Exhibitions Ms Josephine Lee
Director,Appointed PT.Tosi Jasindo Mrs Tuti Buntaran
Director,Appointed TCG Mrs Varna Sudasna
Director,Appointed Century Bond Bhd Mr Alfred Goh Leng Hock
External Auditor Chan Leng Leng & Company For Year 2023 – 2024
Communication Officer Reed Exhibitions Ms Nancy Zhang

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