COCA COLA AMATIL Retail Ready Packaging, ‘Cray’

Since 2007 CCA’s commitment to the Covenent continues to drive significant progress in reducing the amount of material used in their packaging.

Coca Cola Amatil 3


The  wraparound RSC and OTOR (Drop Packer) cartons were designed to provide adequate structural integrity through both CCA and their customers supply chain, while providing the necessary product information to assit with recognition, scannning and waste disposal.  These catons required increased glue usage and had the potential to cause OH & S issues when incorrec lifting tecniques were employed to pick cartons.  Pallets moving intenstate were also wrapped with pre-stretched wrap to reduce transit damange.


The ‘cray’ is a unique packaging solution and the first of its kind in the market place.  Pioneered by CCA, ‘cray’ is currrently used all around the world.  It provide the structural integrity and useability required by shelf ready packaging while offering CCA reductions in packaging and increases in funtionality including enhanced shelf presence and marketing appeal.  At the packaing reductins come from a 55% reduction in cardboard and a 65% glue saving.  The move from wraparound cartons to ‘cray’ resulted in a total weight reduction of apprx. 153.000 kg in Queensland only.

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