Corrugated Future for Funerals ?

Corrugated FuneralAn alternative material to timber for coffins is a growing requirement, particularly in the African and Asian continents in particular, says Compakta, a company with considerable funeral experience.

The corrugated coffin is light in weight yet totally safe in use as it incorporates a built-in strengthening spine that has been independently tested to 125kg. It incorporates a deep base liquid resistant tray (containing a built-in pillow for the deceased), which, combined with its one-piece construction, makes it leakage-free. It has six strap handles for ease of carrying and the flat underside, without joints or creases, provides a perfect surface for vehicle/ cremator loadings.

Since its introduction the coffin has been well received by both burial and cremation services alike in the UK and Europe . Worldwide, South Africa has already seen the benefits of the economical, non-polluting corrugated coffin option where it has also helped to reduce deforestation. The global potential is immense, given increasing populations and scarcity of raw materials; in fact China , South America , Spain , Australia and Scandinavia have all opened discussions on supply, including the possi-bility of local production.

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