Corrugated Trays Give Fresh Idea for Fish

DS Smith Speciality Packaging has worked closely with salmon farmers to create a corrugated alternative to ice-filled, pre-formed polystyrene (PS) trays.

Corrugated Tray FishThe result, Silver King, is a patented product that is delivered flat and can be hand- or machine-erected to give a leak-proof base tray with moisture-proof lid. A heat-reflective liner is used for the outer corrugated section, while a water-resistant liner coats the inside. A fanfold corner and lock-over flaps arrangement makes the tray leak-proof, and tests conducted over a 12-hour period show the system maintains temperatures eight per cent lower than expanded PS options.

Waterproof inks can also be used on the outer reflective surface to give multi-colour branding opportunities.
The new system has seen a 20 per cent reduction in basic packaging costs , due to receiving the pack in the flat and reusing the delivery pallets. It has also been possible to reduce the height of the container, giving an increased unitised loading density and a saving of eight per cent in distribution costs.

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