History of ACCA 1

History of ACCA

The idea of forming a cross-countries/regions Association for corrugated papers/cases industries was advocated by Mr. Philip Wong, President of CBMA/Singapore in 1993. With his enthuasiasm and great effort, he had successfully invited Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore as the Founder members, together with 3 supplier companies as the Associate members for forming up the ACCA. After a series of meetings for all organizing matters, the ACCA was established in 1997 and registered in Singapore.

The main objectives of ACCA are :

  1. To promote international exchange of experience and knowledge in corrugating technology.
  2. To promote international co-operation in the education and training of corrugated specialist.
  3. To promote international standardization of corrugating and marketing.
  4. To maintain close contact with other international corrugated case organizations.

The term of the Office Committee is 2 years. Mr. Philip Wong was elected to be the President of oACCA for the 1st Term. The inauguration ceremony took place in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre on 3rd June, 1997.

In 1998, India joined the ACCA and her participation made the Association much more stronger.

In 1999, Hong Kong had taken up the 2nd Term President of ACCA; and the inauguration ceremony was also took place in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 27th June, 1999.

In 2001, Malaysia had taken up the 23rd Term President of ACCA.

Currently, ACCA has 8 Ordinary members and 8 Affiliate / Associate members.