Paper for Corrugated Board

Fluting Paper

Recycled :
Made from recycled paper. The fibre content, quality and hygiene is vary. With certain process this recycled paper could match the semi-chemical fluting juat it is more abbrasive.

Semi Chemical :
Made from virgin fibre hardwood & mixed with recycled paper (<35%). More expensive than recycled fluting, but higher quality.

All recycled paper is recommended to be used within 7 days – 6 months. While Kraft Liner & Semi Chemical Fluting is recommended to be used within 11 days – 12 months

Liner Paper

Test Liner (Recycled) :
Made from recycled paper and processed with water sothat it become pulp. Afterward cleaned and process again. The fibre than mixed with chemical and starch – glued become new paper, such as :

  • Brown Test
  • White Top Test
  • Brown Liner
  • Coated Test

Liner (Kraft) :
Made from pine trees with long and strong fibre and heated ntil become soft. Then rinse. Aferward process become paper with smoother surface, such as :

  • Brown Kraft
  • White Kraft
  • White Top Kraft
  • Coated Kraft

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