Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)

CorrugatedNews_clip_image004There is no question that Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) presents the next generation of merchandising. The European market has been utilizing RRP for the past 5 years ago. Several of current Shelf Ready Packaging design styles have been used in North America and Europe for years. The Graphic implications in a RRP program such as: Make the product the champion, Color coding of hood for better brand ID at distribution and retail, and eliminate the cramped “cave” look of the shelf.CorrugatedNews_clip_image006

CorrugatedNews_clip_image008Ikea Scraps Wooden Pallets in Green Move

Ikea is embarking on a massive environmental project this year,introducing corrugated cardboard pallets instead of wooden in a move intended to make its 10 million pallets used annually more sustainable and cost-efficient. The furniture retailer previously tested recycled polypropylene plastic loading ledges as an alternative to wooden pallets. AsBloomberg Businessweek notes, the company could also save an estimated $193 million per year by scrapping wooden pallets.

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