VISY BOARD VPAC – Bumper Corrugated Container

The initial briefing from Toyota / Aspect Packaging to Visy Board was to increase the number of Bumpe rBar boxes being packed into export containers.  The original packaging did not utilise internal of external pckaging space to its full potential, consequently wasting packaging materials and supply chain efficiencies. Visy is committed to specific actions to improve the lifecycle management of packaging in Australia.

VISY Board


Rectangular shaeped corrugaed cardboard container. This container could pack four per pallet (Two Height).


Tne VPAC Bumper Corrugated Container is uniquely shaped to fit the form of a Bumper Bar without compromising safety or strength.  The VPAC can now stack 10 per pallet (five high)  This equals a 60% greater container utilisation, reducing environmental impacts though freight, air emissiomns and hadling.  There is zero shipping (where sections of the box are shipped out during manufacture, creating material waster).  The VPAC Container is 100% recycleable and made from papers from Visy sustainable kraft pulp and paper mill in Tumut, NSW.

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