Weedon PSC buys Bobst kit for RRP growth

Managing director John Weedon said there had been strong demand growth for innovative corrugated packaging in the past year, particularly from discount retailers looking to use retail-ready packaging. “To satisfy this increased level of business we needed to expand our conversion capacity, which is why we ordered the Visionfold and Visioncut,” he said.
Bobst said that Staffordshire-based Weedon’s Visionfold was the first of its kind to be installed in the UK and is a 170cm-wide version of the folder-gluer that replaces three existing lines.

It features the firm’s Accufeed system and Easyset systems that make it easier for the operator to quickly and accurately set the machine. The Visioncut supplements an existing Bobst diecutter, an SPO 160-Vision, can run at speeds of 4,800 sheets a minute and reduces job-change times to 10 minutes.

“Because of the increased demand we had been running the SPO 160-Vision 24 hours a day. The Visioncut gives us the extra capacity we need, and also upgrades us to the latest technology,” said Weedon.  Weedon supplies a range of corrugated, retail-ready and transit packaging formats as well as contract packing and filling services to a range of companies including Asda, Black & Decker, Tesco and Northern Foods.

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